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Just what is cloud computing?

Executives frequently ask me: What does it mean to be computing in the cloud? While we techies have our own definitions for cloud computing, executives and owners tend to consider any programs that are not installed on the local computer to be “in the cloud.”

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Disable USB ports

If you are concerned about your users using the USB ports on your computers to, accidentally or intentionally, steal information or plug in unauthorized devices that might infect your network, you may want to discuss these options with your qualified IT professional.

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Can you trust your IT professional’s answer?

I had the pleasure of performing an audit at a company recently where the lead IT professional was shocked to learn that his e-commerce system needed to be secure in order to keep credit card information secure as part of PCI-DSS compliance.

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Do IT and management skills coincide?

I recently spoke to a CEO who was incredibly frustrated with his IT professional, who is incapable of managing his IT assistant successfully. In fact, in these times when organizations are having difficulty recruiting qualified IT professionals, this CEO was considering firing this professional who is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, devoted, and highly skilled technically—even though he […]

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