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The LinkedIn Password Theft

News stories started announcing on June 6, 2012 that 6.5 million Linked In passwords were stolen. This is just another reason to use secure passwords, change them often, and to use different passwords at each web site. Of course, you probably won’t do this because it is too much trouble, unless…

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Trace a prank email to the source

Someone recently asked—and I’m leaving out the details—something close to, “Someone just sent a prank email message to our members regarding plans for a party thrown by our organization. Can you help me find out who is the owner of this email address: (name of organization) @aol.com?” How do you find them? Here’s the answer:

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Increase productivity while traveling

So, you have a MacBook Air or one of the competing Ultrabook computers so you can travel light on the road. But what about being productive in your hotel room? You may find your screen’s real-estate is severely limited. That just leads to a bunch of switching back and forth between application windows. Until now…

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Three tips for using Wi-Fi in public places

When you want to check email in the coffee shop, the airport, or the hotel, how do you help protect yourself and your computer?

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