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Microsoft Using Your Computer To Deliver Software

Microsoft built a feature into Windows 10 called Delivery Optimization. Your computer may deliver and receive apps and patches to and from computers belonging to complete strangers. Your computer becomes a server to deliver patches and apps to people on the Internet. Though it is likely enabled on your computers, you can turn this feature […]

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Don’t Get Tricked

Those sites that say you can look to see if someone is on AshleyMadison.com, they are probably scams. Those sites that say they will update you to Windows 10, they are scams. That email from your boss that says to quietly transfer money, they are scams too. Avoid getting viruses, keep your computer from being […]

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Hackers Can Kill You

Am at the famous DEF CON ® Hacking Conference. One of the presentations today is entitled, “I Will Kill You.” A skilled hacker will show how he can do so by creating a doctor’s medical document showing cause of death,

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