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Hacking Easier than Protection

The shocking truth: In some ways, it is easier to hack systems than it is to protect them. There are many automated tools that greatly simplify the art of hacking

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NSA National Security Agency

At an NSA Cyber-Security talk last week, the presenter said: In the old days, if a military officer lost his gun, he would be in big trouble. Today, he is in just as much trouble if he loses his memory stick. The NSA provides 10 cyber-security guidelines…

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Protect your Mac from Viruses

More executives are realizing that their Macs can catch viruses too. Independent studies by the testing firm AV-TEST show that two top picks for Mac anti-virus are: Bitdefender Antivirus for the Mac (Around $60) Symantec Norton Security (Around $50) The latter offers more features, but the tests demonstrate that they are both effective and barely […]

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