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Are You Paying IT Pros Too Much?

Are You Paying IT Pros Too Much? IT Professionals have approached me to say they feel unhappy with their compensation. And some executives ask how much is enough pay. There are ways to know…

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No Flash Attacks After June 30

Starting June 30, 2016, Google will no longer accept advertisements that use Flash. What this means: Better security for you and your organization. You needn’t buy anything or change anything. It will all happen automatically.

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Is Java Going Away?

Java is known for its history of causing cyber-security vulnerabilities that permit attackers to perform attacks. Browser makers, such as Google, are doing something about that.

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Hacking Easier than Protection

The shocking truth: In some ways, it is easier to hack systems than it is to protect them. There are many automated tools that greatly simplify the art of hacking

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NSA National Security Agency

At an NSA Cyber-Security talk last week, the presenter said: In the old days, if a military officer lost his gun, he would be in big trouble. Today, he is in just as much trouble if he loses his memory stick. The NSA provides 10 cyber-security guidelines…

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