Important Message for CEOs and Executives

A Security Review will Save You Money, Increase Profits and Protect Your Organization

A Special Message from Mike Foster, CEH, CISA, CISSP:

CEOs and Executives
Many executives do not understand what is at risk until it is too late. Security breaches hurt a company’s reputation, may result in fines and lawsuits, and cause lost revenue. Many organizations think security has to be expensive when the reality is you probably already own everything you need.

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Too often executives hand off IT security to their IT professionals without taking important steps:

  • Protect IT from end-user complaints and unnecessary interruptions
  • Explain which users need permission to sensitive data
  • Decide who is accountable if there is a security breach
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards
  • Understand the basic nature of IT risks and how they affect the organization

The IT department is already busy taking care of day to day issues too. Some executives only get involved in IT to approve capital expenditures. An audit by Mike Foster, CEH, CISA, CISSP takes the thinking out of the process for the executives.

A review helps executives save money, increase profits, and protect your organization.

The good news is that often, as long as you already have reasonably modern hardware and software in place, the purchases you will make from your vendors after the review will be minimal.

Also, during your review, many aspects of your systems are examined—in addition to security. You want to be getting the most out of every IT dollar invested.

If your network goes down, how long will it take before your organization feels the impact?

If your organization processes credit cards, are you adhering to the PCI standards?

Take a look at what a company CEO recently wrote to me:

Mike is unusual because not only is he a self-described computer “geek”, but he is also a gentle communicator—meaning that he can interact both with you and with your IT guy. Not only will he assess your vulnerability to hackers, but Mike brings immediate accountability to your IT department. (he knows more than your IT guy(s) knows and helps to hold them accountable to a number of issues). Lastly, Mike can bring some very helpful tools to your attention that, at least in our case, proved to be very helpful to our overall efficiency.

I don’t make personal recommendations very often, but I obviously believe in Mike’s services and would encourage you to check into using them.

— Chris
Albuquerque, NM

Executives can think of the review as professional development for your IT professionals, be they in-house or outsourced IT professionals. Ensure that your organization is making the most of every IT dollar.

Most of my clients’ IT professionals are top notch!

IT professionals are often capable and want to do the best job possible. Technology changes so fast, especially security technology. Even the best IT professionals appreciate an outside perspective on best practices from a guide who is in touch with so many other IT professionals through continuous reviews and research. IT professionals appreciate getting their answers one-on-one from a friendly and knowledgeable specialist.

Organizations benefit so much that they bring me back year after year to keep saving.

Testimonials from executives after having Mike’s IT Vital Systems Review

Dear Mike, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the valuable services that you recently provided to our company here in Houston, Texas. We were very impressed with the network evaluation and vulnerability assessment that you undertook on our behalf, and we have already begun to follow your recommendations on how to make our network safer and more efficient. I was thrilled to find out that the cost of your assessment was more than offset by the anticipated savings you will create for our company, and I fully expect that our IT expenses will be dropping as we implement the broad based changes you have recommended. Your evaluation was so thorough that we now plan to bring you back annually to perform the same service. I would encourage all CEO’s to talk to you to get a sense of the value add you can deliver to their companies.

— Al
Houston, TX

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