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An IT Vital Systems Review will Save You Hundreds of Hours of Research

A special message from Mike Foster:

IT Professionals

Whether you are a full time IT employee at your organization, an outsourced IT professional, or even a “wear many hats including the IT hat” professional, your executives are trusting you to take care of IT. IT professionals know that since technology is always changing, you should always be studying. Unfortunately, you are so busy that there is not enough time to study. You may be so busy that your network diagram is out of date. You may have “inherited” your network, and a lot of IT issues along with it. Because of the many IT roles that have been assigned to you outside of your field of expertise, you may even feel like a brain surgeon who’s been assigned to perform cardiac surgery too. You may be expected to be an expert on the web, mail servers, databases, security, phones, the boss’s PDA, and everything else in your organization that uses electricity.

An IT Vital Systems Review can save you hundreds of hours of research on IT security and productivity topics.

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I want to answer your questions and show you action steps so you can implement changes that will help you and your organization the way they have helped other organizations around the world. That way everyone wins. The sole purpose of the review is to help you take your company’s network and your accomplishments to the next level. I am happy for you to get all the credit for making the systems better. Sometimes this includes my echoing some of the same ideas you’ve already presented to management yourself. They may listen this time when an outside professional auditor makes the same recommendation and shows you a way to implement the idea for even less money invested.

If you had time to visit organizations around the country every week and see how they solved pertinent pressing IT issues, you’d know the answers too. The fact is, you are busy on your important day-to-day work and it is so nice to answer your questions and build a roadmap for you. You may be concerned about disaster recovery planning, risk assessments, SQL Injection, and other topics. Your role in IT is a huge responsibility to shoulder and I am looking forward to helping you to quickly move to the next level.

You may want to know ahead of time what I will tell the executives:

I will let you know exactly what to expect during the meeting with the executives. First, I’ll understand your network, your concerns, and we will catalog all vulnerabilities. We will create a roadmap to get you what you need for the network, implement proven strategies to increase your productivity, and also allow you to go home on time each night to be with your family.

Since there are often many avenues to solving IT challenges, I want to choose the recommendation that is the best fit for your organization and you, the IT professional. That means using tools and techniques you are already familiar with wherever possible, and showing you about any technology that is new to you.

I know ways to help you achieve your goals without having to purchase new hardware or software – and your executives will like that! If you do need to purchase something, you still buy from your own vendors that you know and trust. I am just here to provide you one-on-one accelerated learning and help you get approval for appropriate purchases.

I understand your plight of having to fix everything that is broken every day, while also being expected to accomplish projects as well.

You may also have “inherited” a lot IT issues at your organization from your predecessor and want someone to help you take inventory and prioritize the steps that need to be taken. Some of the IT professionals I work with “wear more than one hat” at their organization. They are expected to take care of IT along with performing other roles as well. Allow me to be another source of quick IT answers from now on.

Listen to this quotation from a CFO—maybe this could be your CFO as well:

“Mike, I just want to thank you for spending the day with us reviewing our IT needs. The service you provide is indispensable! I spoke with my IT professional and his head is swimming but he thought it was a great visit too. This was more education in one day than he’s ever seen and he appreciated the day immensely. He’s already sent out a corporate e-mail about what will be going down in the next few weeks and scheduled mandatory employee meetings. Thanks again!”

Testimonials from IT professionals after having Mike’s IT Vital Systems Review

Mike was able to diplomatically identify and address our exposures. Mike’s approach, detailed review, and sense of understanding was indispensable. I look forward to next year’s visit!

— Chris
Albuquerque, NM

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IT professionals like yourself have often been excited about me helping them get approval for IT projects they’ve wanted backing on for years.

Don’t let another day go by trying to secure your vital systems all on your own. Let me help you create a cutting edge, bullet-proof system that works well and frees you up to work on other important IT projects.

Please call or e-mail me with any questions or concerns you have, and know that I’m your custom security resource so you don’t have to spend days or weeks in security training every year!

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