Assessment of Outsourced IT

Imagine Never Having to Worry About Your Outsourced IT Company Doing What You’re Paying Them to Do…

Assessment of outsourced IT
Before we talk about the scenario above, see if any of the scenarios below sound familiar to you. Does your outsourced IT company:

  • Put out fires instead of addressing the root problems?
  • Rarely if ever meet time/budget estimates on IT projects?
  • Allow viruses to infiltrate your system?
  • Fail to provide adequate backups of lost or deleted files?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’re far from alone. Many companies we work with come to us because they’re beyond frustrated with their outsourced IT company and they need an expert to help hold the IT people accountable.

Let’s face it—as the owner, CEO, CFO or executive in your company, you don’t have the time needed to serve as an “eagle eye” over your IT company. That’s where Mike Foster comes in. As an IT security expert with more than 20 years of experience, Mike is adept at solving the IT problems causing:

  • Loss of user productivity
  • Damage to your brand
  • Frustrations with malfunctioning technology

Depending on your needs, he can either remotely assess your outsourced IT company and the services they’re providing, or come on-site to assess the situation. Mike can:

  • Provide you with an audit and suggestions for improvement
  • Suggest a new IT company
  • Work with your current IT company over an extended period of time to monitor the situation
Stop worrying about your outsourced IT company doing their job properly—contact Mike Foster directly at (707) 200-2095.