What to Do if a Gunman Enters Your Office:

Peace of Mind for You and Your Team

Gun Man in the Office

A Plan to Survive

The Foster Institute’s Training Program will give your employees and team members a plan to survive when they encounter a gunman. If they know what to do, it is very likely that they can survive this dangerous and volatile situation.

Your customizable presentation covers:

  • Lessons Learned: Historical events
  • Witness security camera footage of actual incidents
  • Proactive steps you must take NOW to increase your chances of survival
  • Why, if you know what to do during the event, the odds of your surviving are in your favor
  • How to survive an active shooting situation and what to do if a gunman enters your office
  • Exposure to what you will see, hear, and emotions that you will feel during an incident
  • Surprising tactics to teach your loved ones to greatly increase their odds of survival
  • Key steps that citizens must take during the crucial moments before help arrives
  • The 3 most important things to do, every time, if you encounter an active shooter
  • Exactly how to behave when law enforcement arrives at the scene
  • Things you can do to help law enforcement before they arrive
  • What NOT to do – don’t make the situation worse

This is the only training program that we know of in the United States that is both dedicated to teaching unarmed civilians and led by such a qualified expert

The Foster Institute’s Active Shooter Specialist is Highly Qualified:

  • He specializes in Hostage Rescue by S.W.A.T. teams
  • He trains the US military and law enforcement agencies
  • Served on Special Operations and S.W.A.T. teams for 7 years
  • The US Marshals asked him to evaluate their response plans for a mass shooting event

The training will create a sense of security, not panic. The program teaches attendees exactly why the odds of survival in these dangerous situations are actually in their favor. The training, pre-planning, and forethought gained through this program will increase their chances for success even more.

Create a Sense of Safety at Work

The program is so successful because it helps your employees feel safe at work. They have the confidence of knowing this training could save their lives, and even the lives of their loved ones.

Training Format

Your time, and the time of your team members, is valuable. That is why the training can be completed in about 90 minutes, including a question and answer session. Rather than one session with everyone in attendance, you may decide that it is best to have multiple training sessions to allow your team members to attend one that best fits their schedule.

In addition to the group training, it is beneficial to have small group training for your team members. For example, your front desk staff will need specific guidance for what to do when a gunman enters the front door. For your other team members, their proximity to hallways and exits will affect their response to encountering someone wielding a gun. Even specifics that may seem trivial, such as the time of day they arrive at the office, affect the recommendations given in the small group sessions. Each of your team members can experience customized guidance and walk-throughs in their own office setting.

Survivors of shooting incidents who later attended this training say:

[I am alive today because,] I did almost everything you teach. The program will be a great help to others should they experience, God forbid, such an extraordinary circumstance.

– Survivor of the 2008 attack on the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai
(164 people died, 308 others were injured)

[Prior to taking this course,] I was taken hostage in a bank robbery, bound and gagged, and left in a supply closet! Everyone needs this kind of training because it prepares them for life’s most intense and dangerous situations!

– Female Bank Worker

You have the responsibility, as a leader in your organization, to take steps to protect the safety of your workforce. Your life and the lives of your workers may depend upon it.

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