Network Penetration Testing

How Safe are Your Networks and/or Web Applications?

Has your organization considered:

  1. How costly a security breach or service interruption would be?
  2. New security vulnerabilities facing your organization each day?
  3. How to effectively anticipate security risks?
Safety of Networks and Web Applications

For the above reasons and more, many organizations want (and in some cases are required) to have internal and/or external penetration testing of their networks and/or web applications.

That’s where Mike Foster, CEH, CISA, CISSP, comes in. Mike is highly experienced in web application and network penetration testing, helping organizations:

  • Avoid the inconvenience and costs of network downtime
  • Manage web application and network vulnerabilities
  • Preserve your brand’s image and your relationship with your customers
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines

How it Works

The level of web application or network penetration testing is customized based on your needs. At a minimum, penetration testing involves attacking via the Internet from the outside of your organization. At your discretion, penetration testing can include extensive and crafty attacks up to and including physical intrusions to your facility.

The testing uses the same techniques that attackers will use. Great care is taken to avoid disrupting service at your organization.

Penetration testing helps confirm the effectiveness of your protection as well as your remediation efforts. In some cases, one of the most important results of a successful penetration is to demonstrate to senior management that attacks can be successful.

It is important, before the testing starts, to discuss the scope of the penetration testing you will approve.

Protect your network and/or web applications-contact Mike Foster directly at
(707) 200-2095 to find out more about network penetration testing.