E-Savvy: Using IT to Increase Productivity and Profits – The Parts Executives Need to Know

Tips and Strategies for Using Technology Explained in Plain English

In these days of technological and economic change, it’s vital for executives and CEOs to know how to use technology to increase the profit and productivity of your business. In this very interactive and customized presentation, Mike Foster explains in plain English the parts executives need to know about using technology to be successful.

In this presentation you will discover:

  • Useful knowledge to save your business time and money related to managing IT
  • How to address and resolve major IT pain points
  • Practical and proven solutions to transcend your IT challenges
  • Simple ways to accomplish tasks and improve organizational bottomlines
  • Concrete action items you can implement with minimal monetary investment
  • How to save money by ensuring your IT investments are in line with IT best practices

Mike will customize the presentation to suit your needs and can include any combination of the following topics:

  • How to best use the Internet as an extension of your company’s sales and marketing efforts
  • Controlling IT Expenses in a challenged economy
  • Keeping up with technology without being on the “bleeding edge”
  • Increasing Human Capital by training/developing computer skills for employees
  • Tracking your customers and tasks using customer relationship management software
  • Using the other 90% of your computer’s capabilities
  • Reducing spam and get control of your e-mail inbox
  • Using technology to successfully work from home and work while on the road
  • Tactics for fast, effective web searches that save time and effort
  • Using wireless networking effectively and efficiently
  • How to monitor/control Internet and e-mail misuse
  • Insuring your business against loss of important data (backup, protection, disaster recovery)

Mike has a proven knack for explaining complex material in
Plain English.
With his very deep understanding of the technology, he can provide you with the answers you need in a way
you can use them to improve your business strategy and bottomline.

Mike Foster’s Speaking Programs

Most Requested Topics:

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  • E-Savvy: Indispensable IT to Increase Productivity and Profit (the Parts Executives Need to Know!)
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  • Prevent Loss of Important or Sensitive Data Though Cloud Storage, Ipads, Iphones, etc.
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan So You’re Prepared for Anything
  • Ensure Your Employees’ Technology Use isn’t Opening You Up to Attackers
  • Take Advantage of the Technology You Already Own, as Well as What’s Out There
  • BYOD: Using IPads, IPhones, Androids and Other Portable Devices Safely and Effectively
  • Ensure You’re Managing Your In-house or Outsourced IT Effectively
Engage the Foster Institute to help you increase productivity and profit for your business.