The Future of Technology and
What You Need to be Doing NOW to Prepare

Customizable Presentation about Future Trends and Developing Effective Strategies for Your Technology Needs

  • Be prepared today for what is coming tomorrow
  • The future holds the secrets to success, if you choose the
    right paths today
  • Information that will inform your decision makers about future
  • Develop effective strategies for your technology needs
  • Know with whom to align your business

Mike will customize the presentation to suit your needs

  • Trends in Computer Technology
  • Portable, Small, Wireless communications
  • New display technology
  • New ways to get Information into a Computer
  • Computers with Intelligence
  • Trends in Security
  • Overcoming Internet Challenges
  • Better Analysis of Business Trends
  • Find what You Need to Know
  • Share Data Easily
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Mesh Computing
  • Cryptography
  • Wireless Access Everywhere
  • Unbelievable gains in Data Speed
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Trends in Personal Productivity
  • Personal Language Translators
  • Ways to Save More Time
  • Robotics
  • Transportation
  • Life Sciences
  • Longevity
  • e-Commerce
  • Education
  • Shortage Of Employees
  • The Office Environment in 10 Years
  • The future of Telecommuting
  • Future Technology in the Home
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • The Internet of Tomorrow
  • Revolutionizing Business
  • The exciting Future!
  • Customized for you – you choose the topics

How you benefit from “The Mike Foster Difference”

  • Mike has a proven knack for explaining complex material in
    a simple manner
  • With all of Mike’s certifications, he will gain easy rapport
    with your technical employees
  • Mike has a very deep understanding of the technology, he will
    provide you and your team with the answers you need in a way
    you can use them
  • Mike’s experience in the field provides relevant real-life

Mike Foster’s Speaking Programs

Most Requested Topics:

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  • The Future of Technology and What You Need to be Doing NOW to Prepare
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  • E-Savvy: Indispensable IT to Increase Productivity and Profit (the Parts Executives Need to Know!)
  • The C-Level Guide to Making Your IT Department an Asset-Not an Expense
  • Prevent Loss of Important or Sensitive Data Though Cloud Storage, Ipads, Iphones, etc.
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan So You’re Prepared for Anything
  • Ensure Your Employees’ Technology Use isn’t Opening You Up to Attackers
  • Take Advantage of the Technology You Already Own, as Well as What’s Out There
  • BYOD: Using IPads, IPhones, Androids and Other Portable Devices Safely and Effectively
  • Ensure You’re Managing Your In-house or Outsourced IT Effectively
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