Relationships Secrets for IT Professionals

How 5 Easy to Learn Relationship Skills Can Super-Charge Your Career!

Relationship Secrets

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When it comes to your career, are you as successful as you’d like to be? Do you want more job security? Do you feel it’s time for a promotion?

Are you a high-tech professional who is frustrated by having to deal with non-technical people? Do you ever wonder why some people react to you and treat you the way they do?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the “relationship skills” necessary to move your career forward, and have the kind of credibility that earns you a
raise even as others are being laid off?

These days, what separates the successful career professional from the rest of the pack is their relationship skills. And Mike Foster’s eBook Relationship Secrets reveals how building strong on-the-job relationships can help you get the respect, credibility and compensation you desire… and deserve!

I’ve basically terminated people because of lack of
people skills and lack of willingness to improve. These make
a tremendous difference in any service business. Even when their
technical skills may be comparable, what sets the excellent technicians
apart from the average technicians are their people skills.

– R. McDowell
Field Manager of Customer Services

A five-year study by the Carnegie Foundation found that 85%
of success at work is due to people skills and people knowledge. Do
the math, that means your technical skills only account for 15%
of your success at work!

With Relationship Secrets you’ll discover the critical communication skills you need to catapult
your career to the next level. Get that big raise or promotion with people skills that are as strong as your technical
abilities. Mike’s eBook is packed with practical ideas to increase your productivity, as well as tips for reaching your goals every time.

Drawn from his popular series of “live” seminars, Relationship Secrets shares Mike’s proven
techniques that have already helped countless technical
people advance their careers and their own personal growth. This treasure
chest of practical solutions can significantly improve the way
you communicate and interact with people.

Break the cycle and showcase your true ability to your boss!

Relationship Secrets examines
every aspect you need to know about people skills and how to use them to maximize your profits and productivity. It’s
all explained in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Here are just a few of the skills covered in Mike’s eBook:

  • Becoming more “promotable” to management.
  • Developing your listening skills.
  • How to create job security… for life!
  • Earning that next promotion.
  • Getting the job done when time is limited.
  • How to handle “problem customers.”
  • Controlling ” uncomfortable” situations.
  • “Can’t refuse” requests for new equipment.
  • Tapping the power of being socially active.
  • Clearly communicating your knowledge to others.
  • Providing constructive feedback to management… diplomatically.
  • How you benefit when you let your personality shine through.
  • Reasons why your behavior may be misunderstood.
  • Getting non-tech colleagues to work with you.
  • How to get your team to follow your Instructions.
  • Overcoming the stereotype most of the world believes about tech pros.
  • The simple secrets of working effectively with people.

It may have been true decades ago that “super-techs”
didn’t need people skills and that their
technical ability was enough to get them hired and keep
their job. But nothing could be further from the truth today. Any technical professional—no matter how technically adept—is at a very real disadvantage in the workplace if they lack effective inter-personal skills.

Without the ability to clearly, calmly, and critically express themselves in a variety of stressful workplace environments, the tech professional may unwittingly undermine their employer’s
confidence in them.

Mike Foster’s Relationship Secrets eBook can be your secret roadmap to increased satisfaction on the job and at home. With this information you can create effective relationships that will help you move forward in your career and personal development.

How much would you pay for that kind of help? What is that next big job promotion worth to you? While most people would say that level of career satisfaction is priceless, you can download Mike Foster’s eBook right now for just $27.

That’s a pretty small price for such an incredible investment in yourself and your future. Why let another day go by without a real plan for your career? Download Mike’s Relationship Secrets eBook today!

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