Clients of Mike Foster, CEH, CISA, CISSP

Mike Foster, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional, has delivered more than 1,000 presentations and training sessions in 49 of the 50 United States plus Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, New Zealand, and South Africa. From a roster of 450 trainers, he was voted the Number #1 Trainer, three different years by a major international training organization.

Representatives from the following organizations have attended programs presented by Mike

Corporate: QVC,
Citicorp Diners Club, The Home Shopping Network, Sprint PCS, Omaha
Steaks, Citicorp Payment Services, J. Crew Mail Order, Victoria’s
Secret Direct, JCB International Credit Card Co, Synapse Group,
Voice Systems Engineering, Boise Cascade Office Products, Cendant
Corporation, Citicorp Payment Services,, Nordstrom,
General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Mobil Oil, Wal-Mart, IBM, Pacific
Bell, Sprint, Federal Express, Citicorp, Boeing, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard,
Texaco, Dell Computer, Compaq Computer, J.C. Penney, Motorola,
Intel, Bank One, United Parcel Service, GTE, Caterpillar, Wells
Fargo, Sara Lee, Xerox, Burger King, Columbia Records, Raytheon,
Mead Paper, American Express, MCI, Microsoft, Lowe’s, Anheuser-Busch,
Eli Lilly, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Circuit City, Burlington Northern
Santa Fe, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, Marriott International,
Sheraton International, Campbell Soup, Unisys, Kellogg,
John Deere, Hershey Foods, Tecumseh, Case, MicroAge, Mary Kay,
Ryder Trucks, General Dynamics, Sherwin-Williams, Tandy, Computer
Associates, W.W. Grainger, Charles Schwab, American Solenoid Co,
Inc., CitiCorp, Mobil Oil, The Sanborn Map Company, Fisher-Rosemount
Petroleum, Huntsman, Systran, Eurand, Resource One, Spectra Precision,
TEK Systems Inc, EDS, Tellabs, Spiegel, DuPage Health, Lucent,
John Deere Health Care, Witt/Kieffer, MCI WorldCom, Seagate Technology,
Citizens Bank , Bayer, Chase Manhattan Bank, Bankers Systems Inc.,
Wilsons Leather, US West, International Paper, Southwestern Electric
Power Company, Blockbuster Video, Nortel

Government: US
Navy, US Army, US Marines, US Air Force, Montgomery County OH,
Memphis County Community College, City of Naperville, Des Moines
ISD, Iowa State University, Harvard, Massachusetts Dept of Revenue,
Maine State Police, Maine Turnpike Authority, MN Dept. of Revenue,
Argonne National Lab, Minnesota State University, Louisiana Tech
University, Wake Forest University, Durham County North Carolina
Texas Commission on State Emergency Communication, Harris County
911 Emergency Network, University of Texas, City of West University

Australia: Lanco
Assembly Systems, Queensland Health Pathology Service, Warners
Village Theme Parks, James Cubit Architects, BMO Accountants Group,
Stanilite Lighting, Whittaker MacNaught Pty Ltd, Queensland Rail,
Santos Ltd, Electronics 2000, Glenzil Pty Ltd, Kennys Cardiology,
Bundaberg Distilling Co, Ian Gerke and Associates, North Australian
Pastoral, Toowoomba Grammar School, University of Queensland,
Synergos Pty Ltd, Mater Misericordiae Hospitals, Mater Hospital
Laboratory Services, Rodgers Bond Wton and Co Pty, St. Aidans Anglican
Girls School, Preston Rowe Paterson, PRP Valuers and Consultants,
Dept of Defence DISG QR, Acer Computer Australia, Simon, BM:O
Accountants Group, Gashey Pty Ltd, TH Cock Pty, Ltd, Greenspan
Technology, University of Queensland, SA Chambers of Comm, Department
Education Training, Advertiser Newspapers Ltd, Fennell Allen and
Co, *Bruton Dean, University of SA Telecom Research, Holden Ltd,
British Aerospace Australia, Planning SA, ME Hearing Systems Pty
Ltd, Baulderston Hornibrook, Staging Connections, Lifeplan Financial
Services, Elder Care, Eldercare Inc, Interim Tech Training Inst,
Tele Learning Consortium Ltd, DSTO Communications Division, BTR
Automotive Casting Forging, Dept of Educ Training and Emp, Australian
Red Cross, CGU Ubsyrabcem Flinders Medical Centre, Crippled Children’s
Assn SA Inc, Arrow Software Services, Salmat, Northern Territory
Police, Darwin Power and Water Authority, Housing & Local government,
NT Credit Union, Royal Darwin Hospital, John Holland Construction,
Centrelink, Power and Water Authority, Northern Territory University,
Morgan Buckley, Acacia Resources, NT Dept of Education, Acacia
Resources, Palmerston Town Council, Wesfarmers LPG Pty Ltd, Sanwa
Australia Ltd, Sanwa Property Group, Messages on Hold Australia,
Department of Psychology, Main Décor, Phosphate Resources
Ltd, Newman College, Western Power, MITS, Silver Chain Nursing
Association, Simon, Capricorn Society Ltd, Vanavium Australia Pty
Ltd, Assist Pty Ltd, Hartley Poynton Ltd, Sanwa Property Group,
Intico WA Pty Ltd

United Kingdom: Oxford
Magnet, South Wales Police, Lumley Insurance Consultants, Pingle
School, St. Thomas More College, Loughborough University, T&S
Stores, Tailor Made TVL, TP Achuny Toys Ltd, Macreadys, Britax
Int, Victor Int Plastics, Burton College, Sandwell College, Precision
Steel Ltd, Four Square Division of Mars, Metawave Video Systems,
Parents and Children Together, Static Systems Group Plc, Randstad
Employment Bureau Ltd, Eurorealm Co, National Westminster Bank,
Babtie Group, Global Crossing, Walkers Snack Foods, Audax Software
Ltd, Metal Improvement Co Inc, Gedas United Kingdom, Pacific Scientific,
Schlegel UK, Buralls of Wisbech, Gempro Ltd, Thebes, Hoogovens
Aluminum, DERA, McReadys, Aylesbury High School, Jenem Computers,
Philps Broadband Networks, Myers Clark, British Benefits Friendly
Society Ltd, Surestock Health Services Ltd, Berkhamsted Collegiate
School, Arriva PLC, Washington Envelopes, Northumberland Guidance
Co Ltd, Stadium Group PLS, Mandata Management & Data Svc, Seen & Heard
Limited, CSC Crop Protection Ltd, Westlakes Scientific Consulting,
Heriot Watt University, Aberdeen Harbour Board, University of Abertay,
Thompsons Solicitors, CSC Crop Protection Ltd, Forestry Commission,
Aberness Foods Ltd, Robert Gordon University, Mortons Ltd, Royalite
Plastics, Pilgrim Systems, Basoe Offshore, KJ Tait Engineers

Mike Foster’s Speaking Programs

Most Requested Topics:

Other Speaking Program Topics from Mike Foster, CEH, CISA, CISSP:

  • Road Warrior Technology Secrets
  • The Future of Technology and What You Need to be Doing NOW to Prepare
  • The Super-Tech “Best Practices” Workshop
  • Finding Humor in Technology
  • E-Savvy: Indispensable IT to Increase Productivity and Profit (the Parts Executives Need to Know!)
  • The C-Level Guide to Making Your IT Department an Asset-Not an Expense
  • Prevent Loss of Important or Sensitive Data Though Cloud Storage, Ipads, Iphones, etc.
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan So You’re Prepared for Anything
  • Ensure Your Employees’ Technology Use isn’t Opening You Up to Attackers
  • Take Advantage of the Technology You Already Own, as Well as What’s Out There
  • BYOD: Using IPads, IPhones, Androids and Other Portable Devices Safely and Effectively
  • Ensure You’re Managing Your In-house or Outsourced IT Effectively
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