3 Things All Executives Need To Know About Windows 8

by | Sep/6/2012

C-level Executives, presidents, and owners, Windows 8 may change the way your organization works. Do you need new computers? Will your existing programs still work? You want to know if Windows 8 is “worth it.”

1. The learning curve inside of your organization will be shorter since you can still use your Windows 7 applications. Windows 7 runs on top of Windows 8 in what Microsoft calls the “Desktop.”

2. Windows 8 can increase the productivity of your workforce by providing an interface that looks and feels more like Android and Apple iPhone/iPad experiences.  Your workers can drag work in the way they’ve become accustomed to.

3. Everything is “right there” on each device so that your workers can be productive on their computers, tablets, phones, etc. Documents and settings automatically synchronize to every device.

And two more bonus tips:

4. As you buy new hardware at your organization, strongly consider having a touch-screen computer or tablet to use Windows 8. Yes, the mouse will work, but the touch screen is much better. Imagine using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device using a mouse and no touch-screen.

5. If you want your IT professional to show you how this works, tell them:

To download and install an evaluation of Windows 8 go here:

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