Cloud Security and Best Practices

Protect Yourself and Your Data as You Utilize the Cloud

Many questions surround “the cloud.” What data should be stored in the cloud? How do you know how much to trust the cloud? Are you utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) securely? Is your Office 365 configuration optimized for security? How about Azure?

Utilizing the cloud can save you time, money and provide added functionality. A Cloud Security and Best Practices review can help you:

  • Ensure the proper configuration of Cloud security settings
  • Protect sensitive data when stored, processed, and transmitted
  • Sharpen your protection as you enjoy the benefits of cloud solutions

Cloud security helps you protect against security breaches and manage the work-from-home employees and other remote users who might be using personal computers. It is a crucial component of your IT infrastructure and can save you, your data, and your customers from disaster.

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