Website and Web Application Security Testing

Strengthen Your Vulnerabilities and Keep Attackers at Bay

Attackers break into website and web applications using well-known exploits such as stealing passwords, staying logged on when a user logs out, and unraveling protections to your website and applications.

As a third-party auditor, The Foster Institute will test your web applications and help you eliminate weaknesses. Based on your needs, we will examine your web applications to help you identify and fix vulnerabilities.

Through this core component of your success, you can:

  • Protect your programs and portals against code manipulation
  • Thwart crafty attackers who have unlimited time and funding
  • Fortify your application and database servers

With a dynamic security strategy, your business can prevail over intense attacks from bad actors around the world. By protecting your website and web applications, you also help protect your relationships with customers, your brand and credibility, and your bottom line.

Protect your website and web applications from skilled attackers – contact Mike Foster and his team to discuss web application security testing and an audit.