Network Penetration Testing

Avoid the Inconvenience and Costs of Network Downtime

You are constantly under attack, and a security breach or interruption would be costly and damaging. New security vulnerabilities face your organization every day, and it’s important to anticipate security risks and take steps to prevent them.

Mike Foster and his team at The Foster Institute are highly experienced in network penetration testing, including:

  • Test computers the way attackers would
  • Mimic attackers’ tactics for breaking into your systems
  • Confirm that your existing security controls are effective
  • Identify holes in your perimeter that you can repair

Bad actors are constantly attempting to break into your systems, and we follow similar tactics to help you ensure safety. By keeping your network running and protected against attacks, we’ll help you preserve your brand’s image and your relationship with customers. The testing uses the same techniques attackers utilize, with great care taken to avoid disrupting service at your organization.

Protect Your Network. Contact Mike Foster and His Team at (707) 200-2095 to Find Out More About Network Penetration Testing