IT Vital Systems Review and Security Audit From the Foster Institute

Protect Your Vital Business Systems From Attackers

IT Vital Systems Security and Best Practices Review and Cybersecurity Specialist Mike Foster, CEH, CISA, CISSP, has discovered that 90% of companies he works with have at least one major security weakness they didn’t know about, and sometimes attackers actively in their systems. These are often the companies where the IT professionals stressed that no vulnerabilities would be found.

Other security firms tend to perform a vulnerability assessment or penetration test and then send a long list of what they found. While that is useful, it provides a point-in-time list of problems. The report becomes a list of tasks that create an added workload for your busy IT professionals. 

The Foster Institute instead offers solutions, providing:

  • A prioritized list of recommendations that increase your security
  • Saved time for IT professionals by addressing root causes
  • Recommendations, their explanation, and step-by-step guidance to resolve them
  • Minimize burden to your IT professional by providing a reasonable number of recommendations
  • Solutions that align with your organization’s business strategies

Successful leaders identify weaknesses and implement solutions. Through this audit from Mike Foster and his team, you can defend against inevitable Ransomware attacks, protect work-from-home team members, and align cybersecurity with your organization’s strategic plan. Mike provides unlimited answers as your team implements specific action steps. The mission is to add so much value every year that you’ll want to continue the relationship forever.

We’re Always Available

12 months of access to Mike and his team

Answers for your IT professionals and top-level executives

Additional guidance and instruction

Mike mentors your IT professionals and answers their cybersecurity questions

Detailed, prioritized action steps

With ongoing follow-up to help you through the remediation process

Reduced vulnerabilities to persistent threats 

Increased IT availability, especially during your organization’s busiest months

Enhanced overall security, responsiveness, and effectiveness

Your experience is customized to suit your needs

A detailed debriefing, in plain English

Issues identified and solutions for fixing them

Strengthen Cybersecurity for Greater Peace of Mind

Contact the Foster Institute directly at (707) 200-2095 to find out more about their cyber security solutions!