Be Prepared if the Worst Happens

After working with thousands of companies, the Foster Institute knows the type of concerns that keep many business owners and top executives up at night.

You know, those nagging thoughts about the IT security of your company.

Mike Foster, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional, of the Foster Institute can help you protect your business and solve challenges your in-house and/or outsourced IT professionals are facing.

Do Any of These Cybersecurity Concerns Sound Familiar?

What if Your Network Gets Attacked?

Maybe you don’t know if your firewall, network, and cloud configuration is as secure as you think.

What if Your Website Gets Attacked?

Is it secure enough to withstand attacks from around the world?

What if You Had a Data Breach?

Would you lose your top customers? Could it take your business down completely?

Are Your Employees Compromising Your Security?

Do they work from home? Do they use mobile devices for work? What if the device got stolen?

Why Does Technology Spending Seem Like a Black Hole, Using Up Money with Little Return?

Are you making full use of the technology and services you already invested in?

What if You Lose Out on New Clients Because You’re Not Compliant?

What IT standards must you meet, and are you compliant with applicable laws and regulations?

These are valid concerns, and uncertainty over whether your systems and your company are protected can be terrifying. Now, you might be lying awake at night worrying about what could happen. A call to Mike Foster is the first step to calming those worries, protecting your business, and guarding the data and information you hold most dear.

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