Rapid Review and Recommendations

Identify Undiscovered Weaknesses in Your Cybersecurity Protection

With more people working remotely and attackers demonstrating their tremendous proficiency, mitigating cybersecurity risks is more urgent than ever.  Below is an option for small business owners who might not otherwise invest in keeping their IT systems secure.

Here’s the process:

  • Assessment Instrument:

    Have your IT Professionals or Consultants complete the comprehensive cybersecurity practices survey.

  • Analysis:

    Responses are analyzed to assess vulnerabilities and develop a specific action plan for you to mitigate your risk.

  • Recommendations:

    We meet virtually to discuss your assessment findings and recommended action plan.

This service is designed for organizations with 70 or fewer users. Comprehensive cybersecurity testing and reviews are available for all sizes of organizations.

Let us know how we can support your IT Professionals – Contact Mike Foster and his team directly at (707) 200-2095 to discover more about the Rapid Review process!