Simulated Phishing Attacks

Human Behavior Can Let Hackers In

Phishing is one of the most common social engineering attacks that bad actors use to compromise security. Your users’ ability to identify scams is an essential component of your organization’s defense against attackers.

The Foster Institute’s simulated Phishing service sharpens your users’ awareness and provides you with reports of who avoided being scammed. The Foster Institute’s Phishing Awareness and Training:

  • Tests your users and sharpens their awareness through Phishing e-mail campaigns
  • Helps you meet regulations and certification requirements for periodic user training
  • Provides you with reports based on each user’s response to simulated Phishing scams

Guard against email-based attacks and fortify an often-ignored aspect of your security. Your employees are an essential part of your ongoing security and you can’t win the battle without them.

Test your users the way attackers do. Contact Mike Foster and his team at (707) 200-2095 to find out more about simulated phish testing