A Caller Says Your Computer Is Infected

by | Nov/12/2014

Someone in your company receives a phone call, “This is Microsoft Technical Support. Your computer is infected with a virus.” They call back 50 more times after you tell them no.

Every time you answer, they state, “You do not understand what I am telling you – your computer is infected!”

If you transfer them to your IT Pro, they will keep telling him, “The computer is infected. Go turn it on and let me take control of the computer to remove the virus.”

When your IT Pro tells the caller that they aren’t fooling anyone, the bogus tech person will call the worker back again.

If you ask the caller what company they work for, they give names like GoTechs247, or HS Info Technology, etc. There are even websites that look real but the phone numbers lead nowhere.

Make your workers aware and tell them to keep hanging up, over and over, because those guys won’t let up. Make sure your spouse and kids know too.

Once you, or members of your team, give hackers control over a computer, the attacker can use that machine for whatever they want. Steal your sensitive data, launch attacks from your machine against other companies, store illegal material, and the list goes on. All the while, your company looks like the culprit.

Some of you already know that the US Postal Service just announced they were breached as well. One of the differences between big and small companies is that the big companies usually find out that they’ve been breached.

Tell everyone you know to ignore those phone calls from “tech support” forever. If it was your real IT pros, they would have fixed the problem already.

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