A New Opportunity for Your IT Pros to Protect your Servers

by | Mar/29/2018

Attackers can take advantage of a large attack surface on your servers. Your IT professionals can drastically reduce the attack surface, and potentially save you money.

When your IT team logs onto a server, the server’s screen looks similar to what you would experience looking at a Windows workstation’s screen. The display on the server’s screen would remind you of your desktop or laptop computer’s screen.

Your IT professionals can remove this desktop experience and produce significant benefits. Your servers need less storage space, are faster, need fewer security patches, and are more reliable. Additionally, there is a smaller attack surface for attackers to exploit. Those benefits will help you, as an executive, sleep better at night.

Your IT team will install the server’s core software, and omit all of the programs that produce the desktop experience.

For your IT team to control and configure the server, they can use a server manager program that runs on their computers. Your IT team might use Windows PowerShell or even Project Honolulu too.

Please forward this message to fellow executives who want to make changes that will help them sleep better at night and, in the future, save money too.