A Quick Way to Automatically Help Users Identify Impersonation Email Messages

by | May/17/2019

Fraudsters can pretend to be an executive at a company to request wire transfers or gift card purchases. To reduce the chance of a message duping someone at your company: First, ask your IT team to configure your email system to embed a sentence at the top of the body of your inbound email messages, “Alert – This email message came from outside our organization. If this message is supposedly from someone else in the company, it is fraudulent.”

If that sentence seems too long, then at least embed the warning “External Email” in red at the top of the body of external email messages.

Second, train your users that if they receive an email supposedly from their boss or anyone else in the company, and they see the warning, then it is a bad actor attempting to trick them.

If your IT team already enabled this feature, and many companies do, then thank them.

Forward this message to everyone you care about so they can take another step to empower their users to spot fraudulent email messages too.