A Secret Operating System is Running Inside Your Computers

by | Nov/28/2017

If this gives you a sinking feeling, it should. What most people don’t know is that, if your computer uses an Intel brand CPU, there is a hidden microprocessor dedicated to running a second operating system called MINIX. And MINIX is running right now.

That’s right. You have a second computer running inside each of your organization’s existing computers. And probably don’t know it.

An attacker’s dream come true:
-A scarcely known operating system
-Hidden in millions of computers
-Using a secret microprocessor
-With priority over everything else on the computer. Something IT Pros refer to as ring negative three.
-With network access
-Patching security flaws are a nightmare
-And there is no anti-virus

Even if the attackers don’t soon find a quick way to access sensitive information, they might find a way to shut down all of your servers. And keep them shut down.

Intel has great intentions. MINIX is part of Intel’s ME Management Engine that has desirable features. MINIX runs on, coexists with, Windows, Linux, or whatever you thought was the only operating system.

The most important thing for you, as an executive, to do is to make sure your IT Team is aware of MINIX. They can read more at www.zdnet.com/article/intel-weve-found-severe-bugs-in-secretive-management-engine-affecting-millions/

The race is on: Attackers are looking for ways to use MINIX to their advantage. Intel, Google, and others are working to find ways to make MINIX more secure.

Forward this message to any organizations that you care about, especially organizations upon which you rely to perform services and provide products to your own organization. If they get shut down, or infiltrated, that will affect you too.