A Simple Change Can Help Protect Your Family, and It Works on Apple and Windows

by | Apr/27/2018

There is a setting on your computer that can help protect your family.

You don’t need to know this part: There is a service called Domain Name Service, DNS, that is a massive index for the Internet. If someone in your family, or at work, types in make a wish dot com, DNS looks up those letters and finds that the Make a Wish server is at address Since computers think in numbers, it can then take you to that website.

Your internet service provider provides you with DNS lookups. So, if someone clicks on terrible dot com or infected dot com, your computer will take you to those sites.

However, there are DNS services that will help protect you. When someone clicks on an address, those DNS servers will look up the address and, before sending you there, do its best to make sure it is a good site.

There is nothing to install, and there are no charges for the services. All you need to do is tell your computer to use the new DNS servers, and all the sites show you how to do that. Check out:

Clean Browsing

Norton ConnectSafe



Additionally, you might even notice a boost in speed!

Please forward this to everyone you know who would like added protection when they click on a link or even type in an address while surfing the web.