Would you use an Air as your next Windows laptop?

by | Jun/8/2011

I recently needed to replace a beaten and battered Windows 7 laptop with a new one. After looking at all the hardware on the market—different laptop models—I determined that none of them stacked up against my Intel based Apple MacBook Air hardware.

The magnetic power connector to eliminate the “flying laptop syndrome” when I or someone else trips on the cord, the sleek thin design, and the light weight appear to leave the other competition in the dust. Probably the most important feature to me, since my carry-on bags contain four computers most of the time, is the rugged durability compared to many of the other computers out there. Yet, for my computer, I wanted the Intel based computer to be “only Windows 7” with no Apple software at all. This provides me with a very capable and durable laptop.

There are plenty of tools such as Boot Camp, VMware Fusion, Parallels, etc. that allow you to run Windows along with Apple’s OSX operating system.

In case you ever want to convert an Apple to run only Windows, click here to discover the technical steps I use.

Depending on your experience with the nuts and bolts of computer setup, these instructions may be daunting for you; however, they may save your IT professionals a lot of time setting up your computer.

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