Apple and Amazon and Stolen Identity

by | Aug/30/2012

Due to problems at Apple and Amazon, hackers stole Mat Honan’s identity. Do you want to be next?

Why do companies like Apple, Amazon, and others make it so easy for an attacker to steal your identity?

A few days ago, an attacker used Apple and Amazon Tech Support to, as he puts it, destroy his digital life in less than an hour.

The attacker destroyed his email account, sent out horrible messages using his Twitter account, and then erased the data on Honan’s iPhone, iPad, and even his computer.

He lost irreplaceable family photos including all the photos he has ever taken of his daughter in her whole life.


The way this happened stemmed from the attacker learning the “last four” digits of the credit card number.

Read his full account at:

How do you feel about the lax security measures organizations have? For example, my family’s medical insurance and health care provider always asks for my phone number “in order to verify your identity.” Do they really believe that I’m the only one who knows my phone number?

How do you feel about so much information moving to “the cloud?” – You cannot avoid unless you give up many useful services.

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