Apps for Taking Notes in Meetings

by | Jan/3/2013

Many executives find that using their tablets, Android, iPad, and other choices is very productive. Here are three tools that will help you take better notes.

First: Use a great app. Many of the executives I work with have their own favorite apps for taking notes during meetings. The one app that executives consistently use is the app called Notability. One of the many features of Notability that executives like is that they can “record audio” during the meeting as they take notes. Notability links the audio to the notes so that the note taker can go back to the notes at a later time and hear the audio that was recorded at the time any particular note was written down. It is up to you to consider the ethics of recording a meeting, and I recommend you obtain a speaker’s permission to record them and also make everyone in a meeting aware that you are recording the audio.

Second: Use a stylus designed for note taking. Writing on the face of your tablet with a finger, or even a normal stylus, can be very frustrating. Executives find that the Adonit stylus works very well for them. The stylus is shaped like a pen and has a protective plastic disc at the end to help avoid scratching the surface of your tablet’s screen. Just know that using a stylus does NOT improve anyone’s handwriting.

Third: Have a way to share the notes between devices. Of course, the standard for saving, sharing, and synchronizing files is still the app named Dropbox. Not only does Dropbox offer inexpensive storage, it runs on just about every platform for tablets, smartphones, and computers. Additionally, many apps already natively support saving and opening documents directly to and from Dropbox.

Note taking can be very helpful, and these three tools can help ensure the best outcome for you and your teams.