Executives-be sure your CPA saw this article

by | Mar/3/2010

One of my best clients, a CPA firm, forwarded a quick article from the AICPA—American Institute of CPA’s—called “Four Fast and Easy Tech Fixes.” Be sure your CPA sees it.

There is great advice on using multiple monitors, going paperless, having safe backups, and leveraging laptop computers.

CPA’s, CFO’s, and Controllers are involved in your business—and it just seems right to pass this resource along to you.

The entire article can be found at www.cpatrendlines.com and www.cpa2biz.com.


  1. Bill Price

    I am a CPA in Jerry Boyle’s Vistage 2092 group. On laptops another reason to go with better brands is that you can make sure you get docking stations – for when in the office – that fit your brand – that way when one goes down the replacement fits the docking station.

    • Mike Foster

      Thank you Bill!

      That makes great sense.

      Additionally, IT professionals would much rather learn the idiosyncrasies of one brand rather than two.

      Thank you for your post!


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