Be Sure to Back Up Your Cloud Data

by | Oct/22/2021

Some organizations move their data to the cloud and stop backing it up. Cloud services offer ways to restore the data. But what happens if an attacker deletes your files and deletes the backup at the cloud service too?

Consider backing up your data at a different cloud service. It is less likely that an attacker could compromise both systems if your users only have access to one.

There are many cloud backup solutions, and it is best to allow your IT team to use the one they prefer. The Foster Institute does not endorse nor receive any compensation for mentioning products and services. Two examples of services that work well for our customers include and

One significant problem with cloud restores is that the restoration process can take a long time if you store large amounts of data. It is essential to practice the restore process to estimate how long a full restore would take.

Please forward this to your friends so that they know it is essential to backup cloud data too.