Can you not decide what sites to block?

by | Mar/11/2009

Many organizations fail to implement web-blocking technologies because of the arguments that erupt around what is and what is not inappropriate content to block from employees on the job. Keep in mind that most web blocking tools block by category such as, “gambling sites” and “news sites.”

This frustration and confusion causes the organization to not filter any sites at all.  Here is a simple way to move forward on your protection.

Make 3 categories, and start putting sites into these 3 categories:

  1. Web sites and categories you are sure are appropriate for work
  2. Web sites and categories you aren’t sure about
  3. Web sites and categories everyone agrees are inappropriate

Then, start by blocking category 3 to begin with. This will help protect your network and user productivity greatly. If the only thing that has held you back from filtering content is the ongoing battle over what content is inappropriate, use this strategy to get started protecting your users today!