An Easy way to Browse the Internet Faster than Ever

by | Jun/17/2009

Have you tried the new Google Chrome Browser to see how fast it is?

I use Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome all three. It really depends on what I am doing and what features I need. Chrome is my favorite when I need to do research on the web because Chrome is so fast.

If you want to, download the browser here and give it a try. The cost is zero dollars – and that is good. Post your experience as a reply in my blog.


  1. Jim Mercer

    I’ve tried Chrome in an isolated VM XP environment, and yes, it’s fast. And yes – it’s supposedly got some really nifty security architecture in it. However… Chrome is installed in a user-writable directory, and is set so that it will automatically accept updates. (In fact, you have to agree to that before you install it.) This makes the executables quite vulnerable to attack – since they can be changed under the users login rights.

    The potential for exploiting this opening is enormous, and if Chrome becomes popular… I suspect we’ll see all sorts of nasty stuff aimed at doing exactly that.,2817,2347216,00.asp

    See above for more details.

  2. Raed

    is truth about google chrom it is the fastest one i use oprah and firefox and internet explore 8 and google chrome and the best is google chrome


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