Big benefits of using the cloud

by | Nov/23/2011

There are major benefits for executives to consider about the cloud.

The most important include your cloud provider doing the following:

  • Making backups of the data you host with them.
  • Installing patches to the applications they provide you.
  • Performing upgrades to their software and provide business continuity solutions to prepare for when disaster strikes their service.
  • Blocking spam for you if you are using hosted e-mail.

Generally with cloud services you and your users can access the cloud applications from practically anywhere using practically any device that has a browser—even a smartphone.

Many cloud services allow month-to-month contracts and they also offer instant scalability so you can add or remove employees/users anytime you like. This means your fees are adjusted accordingly and instantly as your number of users dynamically increases and decreases.

The next two posts will address both cautions and dangers of using the cloud.

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