Ditch the iPad and Get the Surface Pro?

by | Sep/12/2013

The Surface Pro is a phenomenal computer. But do you still need the iPad? As long as you have an iPhone, most people who want to walk away from the iPad will find the “Surface plus the iPhone” a great combo. The Surface has some “get your real work done” horsepower that the iPad lacks.

The post, “When a Surface Pro Computer is Better than an iPad” – generated big discussions – on and offline. So, it seems important to go more in-depth. Note that the topic here is the Surface Pro. The Surface RT is less capable.

Have you ever, when using your iPad, wished that the iPad could do some things that only a “real computer” can do?

Ditch your iPad when travelling. Just carry the same Surface Pro you use for work with you while you travel. Why? With the Surface Pro, you still have your C: drive (and more if you use a VPN to your office). Outlook, Word, Excel and all of your favorite Windows apps still run on the Surface Pro.

When you are on a web site that says, “Click here to watch the video” the video actually plays (unlike in some cases when the iPad can’t play the video). The iPad is kind of “instant-on.” So is the Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro, with Windows 8, comes with arguably robust firewall and anti-malware protection – or you can use your favorite third party security tool.

But I do miss the iPad. The iPad is thinner than the Surface Pro. When you are away from Wi-Fi, an iPad automatically connects to ATT, Verizon, or whatever service to which the owner subscribes. With the Surface, you need an external mobile card. You can also use Wi-Fi to tether to your phone or use a personal hot-spot such as a Verizon MiFi.

With the executives I meet, most of them still use iPhones. Some are Android users. And, with early adopters, The Surface Pro’s being their “only device.” Not only the Surface Pro, but very capable “look-alikes” from other manufactures are becoming popular as well. Remember – I’m talking about corporate executives, presidents, and owners of businesses.

Fact: Microsoft has a huge user-base in the offices of the workforce of the planet; Apple doesn’t. Emphasize “most offices.” I feel that the success of the iPads, and Android, is one of the long needed kicks in the backside that Microsoft’s needed.

Apple may continue to rule in the personal device world. But expect Microsoft to make a strong comeback in the business world!

If you are one of those “rip the adhesive bandage off fast!” people, then dive in, retire your iPad, move to the Surface Pro, conquer the obstacles you encounter along the way, and emerge victorious at the finish line. You may find yourself at the head of the pack.

Your comments and questions are welcome and even invited – let’s have another lively discussion.