Do NOT Upgrade to Windows 7!

by | Nov/7/2013

Some organizations still use Windows XP on some machines, and have plans to upgrade to Windows 7. This is a very bad idea, and here is why…

Is your IT department busy? Of course they are.

Do you want your IT professionals to focus on the most important tasks? Of course you do.

And the IT Engineers at Microsoft are swamped too. They have to choose where they will devote their best talents, their money, and their resources – and Microsoft is funneling their efforts into Windows 8.1. Not Windows 7.

Do you want to be a step ahead of your competition? You have to take risks. And guess what, this isn’t a real risk – it is a perceived risk.

Let your competitors wimp out. Now is your chance to move ahead! Start testing Windows 8.1 today.

If you choose to upgrade to Windows 7, and not Windows 8.1, you are making a real mistake. Stay tuned for more next week. We’ll handle the objections then.

Driving my 6 year old son to school the day after Halloween, he told me that some kids in the class got into trouble because they used blue and pink crayons to color a picture of a pumpkin. The teacher made those kids redo their pictures. My son was proud because he “colored it right the first time!” How dare that teacher. Since then, and for the rest of his life, I’m going to urge him to be different. Most successful people are. His only restriction is to be nice to others. As long as he isn’t hurting anyone, it is essential for him to “get out of the box!”

My intent is to stir up some anxiety and influence you to “get out of the box!”