Be sure to enable device tracking on your mobile devices

by | Dec/28/2011

Someone stole my iPad. In November I realized my iPad was suddenly missing. Apple’s Find My iPhone showed the device to be in a parking lot just outside of a transportation company’s main office —I used the transportation service late the night before.

I phoned the company and they said they would have the iPad in the front office waiting to be picked up.

There was no sensitive data on the iPad, just in case something like this ever happened. Security features are enabled anyway.

When I arrived hours later the receptionist said they hadn’t heard anything about any missing devices. I checked and now Find my iPhone showed the device’s location to be about 30 miles away, complete with an address and a satellite view of a residence.

I asked if they had any idea why my iPad would be at such and such address. The helpful person at the desk said, “Can you wait a moment? I need to call the owner of my company.”

I was told that the address was that of an employee whom they’d had other problems with before. They informed me that, after the phone call, the owner had actually driven to the home, recovered the iPad, and terminated the person on the spot. Hopefully the owner isn’t the kind of terminator that Arnold Schwarzenegger portrayed in the Sci-Fi movie. I told them not to fire the guy—maybe he is just trying to feed his family and losing his job wouldn’t help him. It was just nice to know I’d have the iPad back soon.

Your device can tell you, “I’ll be back!” with that thick German accent, “Ahl be bock!”

Turn on a locating service for your device today.

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