Executives: Celebrate IT Appreciation Days

by | Dec/23/2021

Technical issues happen all the time, and you don’t hear about them because your IT professionals solve the problem efficiently and quietly. They use their skills and experience to perform monumental feats every month, and most executives have no idea what their professionals accomplished.

Once, a CEO told me that he thought he should fire all three of his IT Pros because they never did anything. I asked him about the stability of his network. He responded that nothing ever goes wrong. I gently smiled and explained that if everything is working fine, that means his team is working diligently behind the scenes to keep it that way.

In some organizations, IT professionals rarely get noticed until something is wrong. They may be working many more hours than you pay them for or that you expect from them. COVID creates constant challenges for them, too, as they keep your systems flexible to meet demands. And your workers sometimes ask for help on the same day your IT team planned to implement a significant update or reconfiguration.

Your internal and outsourced IT professionals are courageous, patient, experienced, and have bulldog tenacity to solve every problem you assign. They must research and be in a constant learning mode because technology changes so rapidly.

You’ve got superheroes supporting you! Remember them every time you log in. As you make new year’s resolutions, consider scheduling IT appreciation days for 2022! They deserve them.

Happy Holidays!