Executives Express Their Coolness in Spite of Windows

by | Sep/27/2012

Executives know that Macs have a “cool factor” but there is a problem. Executives who buy a Mac may find it difficult to get work done at the office.

If all you want to do is browse the web and send/receive e-mail, get the Mac and you are all set. Windows may be a “thing of the past” as far as your computer is concerned.

If you want to get other work done, forget about using Microsoft Office for the Mac. It is bad.

You could use Apple’s boot camp. It goes like this: When you turn on the Mac, your Mac will ask if you want to run Windows or Mac OS. You choose. The advantage is that your Mac basically “becomes a Windows Machine” when you want it to—and can still be a Mac the rest of the time.

Maybe the best solution is to use Fusion or Parallels. It goes like this: You boot the Mac as usual. Now, you can run Windows programs inside the Mac OS. The Microsoft Office you are used to runs fine right next to your Apple programs on the same screen. Cool.

Frankly, IT probably gave up trying to control what you do with your personal computer years ago. Ask IT to use Fusion Unity or Parallels Coherence on your Mac. Now you can “be cool” with your Mac and run all of your Windows programs, too. (With Windows 8, Microsoft may become “cool” too. Eventually.)

Please share this with your fellow executives—you may help them increase their ability to express their inner coolness, too!