Find Out if You Can Collect a Bundle from the Equifax Breach

by | Jul/24/2019

There is a strong chance that hackers obtained your identity information in the Equifax breach. It exposed 148 million American’s sensitive information, and that sets you and your family up for identity theft. If you already suffered identity theft and can prove Equifax was the source, you might get up to twenty thousand dollars.

Beware of additional fraud. Several sites are claiming to help you find out if you were part of the breach, but of course, the sites ask for personal information. Be safe: Use the contact information provided by Equifax. The Equifax FAQ says to visit:

To find out if you are affected, that site points you to:

For identity theft, credit monitoring is helpful, so you know you are a victim, but by then, it is too late.

Placing credit freezes are a critical step in preventing your identity from being stolen.”

Freeze your credit, everyone in your family’s, at all major credit bureaus. To save you time, here are four and how to reach them:

Experian (888) 397-3742

TransUnion LLC – To Freeze: (888) 909-8872

Equifax Information Services, LLC (800) 685-1111

Innovis – To Freeze: (800) 540-2505

Please forward this to your friends. If they don’t understand the importance of a credit freeze, The FTC provides more information at