Zoom Security – Follow Along to Set Security Settings

by | Apr/3/2020

Update: The information in this video is applicable and useful now. As of April 27, Zoom v5.0 is making security improvements and moving settings. Once Zoom’s settings are stable, we’ll update this video. The video applies to the paid version of Zoom. Login to the Zoom website to set your security settings.

This video is for non-technical people who need to make Zoom more secure today. So, if that’s you, open up your zoom account settings on your screen, and keep this video where you can see it side-by-side. Pause the video when you need to.

Some people say, “Mike, tell us what settings to change to increase our Zoom security.” If that’s you, then you are going to love this video. It walks you through your Zoom account settings so you can follow along.

I know that some of you will want to fine tune the settings more than this. This video is not designed to replace your IT Pro; they know more about your specific system and requirements.

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