How Buying a Spare Printer can Vastly Improve Your Cyber Security

by | Feb/16/2018

Imagine a scenario when an IT professional knows there is an urgent security problem in your firewall that needs to be addressed. And at the same time, your multi-function printer is broken. What problem will the IT professional address first?

Most IT professionals will, and do, fix the printer first. They care about you and your organization. They want to ensure that your team can serve your customers.

But, postponing the repair to the firewall may significantly increase the risk of your organization experiencing a major cyber attack.

The printer being broken is a visible condition. It is possible that nobody, other than members of your IT team, knows that the firewall is broken.

Your IT team will receive approval for fixing the printer. But, if they spend time fixing the firewall first, everyone will think they are wasting time, sitting around, doing nothing.

What device or activity consumes your IT team’s time? What do they have to invest a lot of time fixing, when there are perhaps more critical, often invisible, cyber security issues that must be addressed?

If it is the printer that takes up their time, buy a spare printer. If one printer goes down, everyone can use the other printer.

Do what you need to do in order to ensure that your IT team will have time to take care of your IT security. You will reap the benefits if they stop an attack.