If Someone Impersonates You on Facebook

by | Oct/21/2016

Twice recently, I’ve been contacted by executives who explain that someone was impersonating them on Facebook. They used my friends’ own pictures, sent messages, posted information, and everything was very inappropriate. Each friend asked what to do, and here is the answer in case this happens to you…

Immediately change your password on Facebook.

If you haven’t done so, and every Facebook user should do this, turn on login approvals.

Go to Facebook dot com slash help and find the box at the top of the page named: Ask a question. Enter these words: How do I turn on login approvals.
Then follow the instructions.

Next, again at Facebook dot com slash help and, in the search box, enter: report an imposter account. The guide literally walks you through the process of what to do.

Please forward this to anyone you know who uses Facebook.