If You Get Ransomware, Try this Possible Solution

by | Jul/30/2021

If you get ransomware that encrypts your files and restoring your backups doesn’t work, try this:

Go to www.nomoreransom.org/crypto-sheriff.php and upload two of your encrypted files. The site will analyze the files to determine if it has a tool that can decrypt your files for you. Alternatively, you can upload the ransomware note you see, and the site will attempt to locate a decryptor based on that note.

There is no charge to use the tools. Law enforcement and cybersecurity organizations banded together to create this project, and they’ve helped millions of people recover their files. Their decryptors work on more than 150 families of ransomware. There are no guarantees, but you might be lucky. There are many variants of ransomware attacking the globe, and the goal is to avoid them all.

Please forward this message to your friends so they know a last-chance option might decrypt their files if they cannot restore from their backups quickly enough.