In an Emergency, Can Your Spouse Log in?

by | Dec/27/2012

An executive often has many devices and many passwords. The executives often have web sites they visit, often for important matters, in addition to the business and corporate sites. Sometimes Executives want to be sure that their spouse could log on, at least to the executive’s personal accounts, in the event of an emergency.

An executive recently asked, “How can I easily coordinate the use of passwords between my spouse and our multiple PCs?” He wants to sync computers, laptops, Android phones and tablets. He needs an application that will fill in passwords automatically—for the accounts he and his wife use for business.

A very popular tool is RoboForm from Siber Systems. Another popular tool that has high ratings is mSecure by mSeven Software. Ultimately, this executive determined that LastPass worked perfectly for his needs.

Even if you don’t want to use a password manager, remember that as long as your spouse can access your email account, they can always go to a web site then use the “reset password” or “forgot password” feature to reset your password. Just like you plan ahead for business emergencies that may affect IT, do so for your own emergencies, too.