iPhone and iPad Hacking Alert

by | Sep/28/2015

You may have heard by now about XcodeGhost and how it is the biggest infection for Apple yet. Hackers inserted malicious code into a tool that programmers use to develop Apps for the App store. What should you do now?

First of all: Don’t panic.

Apple is removing the infected apps from the App Store.

If you receive an email about XcodeGhost, even if it appears to be from Apple themselves, be wary. If there are any links in the email message, or if there are any attachments, do not click the links or open any attachments. You may be infected by attackers who are taking advantage of frightened users.

Online lists of infected apps includes a PDF Reader app, WinZip, and card scanner applications. More apps are being discovered as the investigations continue.

If you want to find more information, enter this search into Google: XcodeGhost site:apple.com

Finally, and most importantly, raise your awareness that all devices are susceptible to attacks. It doesn’t matter what manufacturer, what platform, what operating system, or whether it is a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. We are living in a different kind of world now. Some people on the planet, very brilliant people, have different ethics and morals than you do.

Keep using good security habits!