Is Java Going Away?

by | Feb/4/2016

Java is known for its history of causing cyber-security vulnerabilities that permit attackers to perform attacks. Browser makers, such as Google, are doing something about that.

Chrome has dropped support for Java Applets, although there are ways to get Java to work. Other browsers such as Firefox may follow suit.

There are many different flavors of Java. This blog focuses on Java applets running in your browser.

If you choose to help protect your systems from Java exploits, your IT Professional can remove Java support from all of your browsers.

If you visit sites that require Java, and visiting those sites is essential to your business, then you need to leave Java enabled. But at least upgrade to the newest version of Java. At home, you can get the latest version at java dot com. Be careful of any other software that will be automatically downloaded too.

Remove Java completely if doing so won’t interfere with a web application that is essential to your life. Even if you remove support for Java now, you can always re-install Java at a later time. Just don’t expect Chrome to support Java Applets.