Do you have endearing nicknames for your IT professionals?

by | Sep/2/2009

I did a review recently for an organization who refers to their in-house IT professional with an endearing nickname. Click here to find out more including what they call him…

The executives explained they refer to their IT professional as “Poof” because, every time they tell him something that needs to be done, “poof” he is gone off to fix the problem. About 2 weeks after I performed an IT review at their organization, he had indeed implemented a huge number of the recommended improvements. Excellent – and much faster than many of the organizations I audit.

I asked the IT professional if he minded the nickname, and he said he liked it “because it kind of fits.” Nicknames are pretty common in many areas – especially the military.

If you want to, post a comment to this blog entry with any endearing nicknames you use to identify your IT professionals and why they earned it.  And, since many IT professionals read this blog as well, feel free to post nicknames you feel you have earned – as long as they are endearing.  This is your chance to be recognized!