Kids, Coughs, and Cyber Security

by | Jan/28/2015

We learn things from our kids. Will our kids teach us to be more secure using computers?

My kids are the ones who taught me to cough into the elbow, not hand, to keep from passing germs along to whatever I touch.

Oh. Why didn’t I think of that? It seems so obvious.

But what about Cyber Security? Will we learn from our kids about more secure computer behaviors? “Dad, you mean that you don’t have a lock code on your phone?” “Mom, you should encrypt that memory stick in case you lose it. It only takes a second. Here, I’ll show you!”

And it may not be your kids teaching you; it may be the other way around. Just last week, a participant came up after I finished speaking to say how eager he was to go share some security tips with his dad. Dad’s business has been struggling with some major Cyber Security issues.

Do your kids teach you about cyber security? Do you teach them? Make the world a safer place to work and live…